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  Food Safety

  Level 1 Award

food safety catering l3.pdf

  Food Safety

  Level 3 Award

health_and_safety_in_the_workplace l1.pdf

  Health and Safety in the   Workplace Level 1 Award

food safety catering l3.pdf

  Health and Safety in the   Workplace Level 3 Award


  Safe Moving and

  Handling Level 2 Award


  Moving People Safely

  Level 2 Award

Vocational courses @ OreKnot are up and running.  We are a fully approved HABC centre offering a variety of vocational and academic training.

Courses can be run at 27 Bridge Street, or at a location convenient to you, and training is available seven days a week.  Prices are competitive and we offer discounts for group bookings.

Here are a few more Vocational Courses that we are currently running…

Vocational Training

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With a typical business only hearing from 4% of its dissatisfied customers, and 91% never coming back, excellent customer service is essential, not desirable. If you are working or preparing to work in a customer service role, then this accredited qualification is for you.

Level 2 Customer Service

More information

Need the skills to assist a casualty in the workplace? Whether it’s bleeding, shock or choking… make sure you know what to do. This accredited qualification covers a variety of topics including the roles and responsibilities of a first aider, assessing an incident and treating responsive and unresponsive casualties.

Level 2 Emergency

First Aid at Work

Already know the basics in Emergency First Aid? This accredited qualification covers a broad spectrum of study from minor injuries and external bleeding to burns, heart attacks and fractures.

Level 3 First Aid at Work

More information

More information

As required by the Food Standards Agency, this accredited qualification covers all areas of food safety in catering, and promotes a safe working environment for all employees, and encourages the ability to identify, understand and build awareness of potential risks and dangers.

Level 2 Food Safety in Catering

More information

Covering all areas of Health and Safety in the workplace, this accredited qualification promotes a safe working environment for all employees, and the ability to identify, understand and build awareness of potential hazards and dangers.

Level 2 Health & Safety

in the Workplace

Do you know what substances in your workplace are hazardous?  This accredited qualification promotes a safe working environment for all employees, and ensures correct knowledge of health hazards, risk assessments, and control measures.

Level 2 Control of Substances

Hazardous to Health

More information

More information

This accredited qualification promotes the use of current legislation, and ensures that age restrictions are put in place for the benefit of both employer and customer alike.

Level 2 Underage

Sales Prevention

More information

This is a requirement for anyone wishing to hold a personal licence, which is needed by anyone wishing to sell or authorise the sale of alcohol by retail on licensed premises.

Level 2 Personal

Licence Holders

More information

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More Vocational Courses to be added in the near future.

If you have any ideas for courses you want to see at OreKnot Creative Hub, feel free to get in touch and let us know.

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If you are interested in courses, training or qualifications not listed above then please get in touch.  We are currently expanding and may be able to tailor a custom package to meet your needs.

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