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Established in the centre of Carmarthen, OreKnot Creative Hub offers a diverse range of courses from First Aid and Food Safety to specialist crafts such as Woodturning and Silversmithing.

Led by a great team of trainers, OreKnot offers excellent quality learning and facilities at affordable prices, whether you’re looking for one-to-one tuition or a group session.

Spaces to rent…

Our flexible and unique spaces are perfect for a wide variety of events, including educational workshops, meetings or corporate events and practical, hands on experience.

Level 2 Award

for Personal Licence Holders…

Achievement of the qualification forms an essential part of the personal licence application and will enable those selling or authorising alcohol sales to operate both legally and responsibly.

This course provides you with essential knowledge of the legal framework surrounding the sale of alcohol in Wales, including the responsibilities of personal licence holders, duties of the DPS, the role of licensing authorities and police powers regarding licensed premises.

Accredited qualification run monthly

This week’s project is chuffing great!

No time to go off the rails as this week’s learners has to stick to a strict timetable! Firstly, they tackled the two carriages’ bases and four sides by measuring and cutting plywood and then assembling with glue. Next they used a circular saw to cut out the wheel mount and wheels, while a router was used to round the edges. They then drilled holes for, and made, two wooden linking pins for the carriages. Lastly, the front carriage was made similarly in terms of wheels and base but with varying design features including a panel out of which they cut windows with a circular drill bit, two poles with which to prop up the roof and a solid piece of wood for the engine. A touch of varnish and we’re on track for a great bit of craft!